Grand Canyon Raft & Hike Checklist

Grand Canyon Raft & Hike Checklist

The checklist we used for all the items we needed on our 2019 Northern Arizona adventure is available to you below in two ways:

  1. as an Excel file, which you can download and use as a template to modify to your needs
  2. an embedded PDF, which you can view on this page

There are few things to know about how the checklist works. It’s pretty straightforward, all things considered.

  • Each person who is going on the trip has a column. Entering a ‘Y’ in a cell in a person’s column indicates that he or she is in possession of the item. In the months before the trip, as each person acquires an item, it can be shown as already covered on the checklist.
  • Entering ‘NA’ (not applicable) for an item in a person’s column indicates that he or she doesn’t need the item. Or, it may be that another person will cover that items for the others. I have entered ‘Y’ and ‘NA’ in some cells so you can see what it looks like.
  • One to two weeks before departure, all items should be marked ‘Y’ or ‘NA’ and a person will know everything needed is ready to pack.
  • There are also two other columns: one for Raft Trip, and one for Day Hikes. An ‘X’ for an item in these columns means that it will be required for the rafting portion of the trip, the hiking portion, or both.
  • There are also comments with some further explanations, vendor suggestions, etc.

Note that the hiking portion of the checklist is applicable to Yosemite, Grand Canyon, or any location.

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