AWB Q4 2023 – Viewpoints

Regrets are illuminations come too late. – Joseph Campbell

A Paean to Our National Wilderness

Have you ever seen an incredible sunset and felt time stop while feelings of awe washed over you? Joseph Campbell, the late authority on the world’s mythologies, would say this is an example of “aesthetic arrest caused by divinely superfluous beauty.” The eminent psychologist Abraham Maslow coined the term “peak experience” to capture this phenomenon. Both gentlemen were referring to a rare experience when we momentarily drop the distractions of compulsive thought and receive an unexpected glimpse of what is real about us. [read more]

Realizing Hidden Passions

It’s often said that people will never change once they have lived long enough. It’s more accurate to say that people won’t change if they never look inside to see what’s been unknown, yet accessible, to them. Although it’s usually not easy to face fears or develop latent talents, availing one’s self of the natural world is a great way to open up to new possibilities. We’ve always known this. But the having the actual experience of this phenomenon is wonderful, as I found out. [read more]

Bison – Yellowstone, WY

“They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

Being in the wilderness stirs something deep inside you didn’t know was there. But the wilderness will not retain its ability to induce this sense of awe if all who visit do not do so with a sense of reverence and respect. The wilderness is a treasure, not a large amusement park.

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